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Its okay to change course.

Do not be afraid to change course...

Today, I was struggling with what I wanted to share. I mean, there was nothing. I was sitting, looking at this cool little guy down here walking. I was thinking,

Is he walking away or towards something? Will walking on my logo mean something in this post? Do I really have the wisdom to share?

I was about to give up on making a #wisdomwednesday post when I received a message on Facebook from a high school friend. We message occasionally on FB but have literally not spoken words for 25 years.

She messaged me with a tax question and after a few messages back and forth. I decided to call her. It was as if no time had passed, we spoke for a few minutes about her question, and she helped me by inspiring this post.

It is okay to change course in life. Maybe the little guy did too!

#MyCloudKeeping #goals #smallbusiness #happiness #success

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